Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

I finished reading my latest book last night, it’s called Fit, Fifty and Fired Up. It’s the third in a series written by a guy who has on a number of occasions taken a year off work to spend with his family (so that he doesn’t regret it later in life when all his children are grown up) and he writes about his normal life and the way he sees it through his eyes, which ultimately is pretty funny. I then watched his famous work/life balance speech, which I highly recommend – you can view it on the bottom of his webpage

I connected with his writing style and decided on a whim to email him and ask him for some tips. Sounds very brave but he does state in his book he replies to every email. So I was hoping that next month, after my trip he may get back to me, alas I didn’t have to wait - this guy takes action! Twenty minutes later he emails me stating he is more than happy to offer some advice to just call him and he gives me his phone number. I was pretty bloody nervous, I don’t know how to speak to a famous person! However I decided I had to call him because once again this would push me out of my comfort zone. So I had a lovely half hour chat with Nigel Marsh, he was very humble and helpful. He did however inform me that in return for his time he would like me to partake in his annual charity event 'The Sydney Skinny' – the famous skinny dip attracted over 750 people this year including a 97 year old man, a paraplegic and woman with a four month old baby. I promised I would think about it and at least tell some of my friends. To be honest I would be quite keen, I recon it would be extremely liberating, only problem is it’s in Sydney and in February, which is usually a fun packed month for us in Queenstown with birthday’s, festivals and other excuses I haven’t yet come up with.

Nigel did suggest (although also pointed out that many would disagree with him) that I should stop blogging as this is, in theory, me writing for free when I should be focusing on writing with intent to sell. I won’t stop right now but am definitely considering this course of action – sorry!

So really this is just a little brag about me rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous (I know, it’s not quite glitz and glamor but it’s as close as I have got) and I have however decided that I am indeed going to write a book. Whether that book ever gets published or not is another question, but I have my tips and will pursue my new dream. This will also tick off my goal to start selling my work, although I think there could be a long (potentially never ending) wait for the cheque to come in.

So thanks Nigel Marsh – I am now inspired to focus my energies on writing something bigger, with that in mind I am off to research some more!

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