Inspirational Quotes

say goodbye to the crappy beliefs that are holding you back!

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

Being rich doesn't necessarily mean you need lots of money - its about living a fulfilled, happy life

Remember you're awesome!

Make a choice!

Don't worry, be happy - coz every little thing is gonna be alright!

Stay Cool!

Learn to laugh at yourself especially when others are laughing at you too

So True!

Enough Said
I have this exact quote on an A1 canvas in my house. I read it everyday but I do not always take notice of it. I think it's important to remember all those things on your bucket list and make sure you're making an effort to cross them off slowly but surely 


Scary but true. Often when I do things that intimidate or scare me, that's when I feel most alive!

This is my quote of the day. Know what you want, set some goals, take action and achieve.

This quote helped me so much after a particularly painful and unexpected break up last year. I would look at this quote every single day and apply it to anything, literally anything, that I would think of and know that if you are determined and dedicated almost anything is possible!

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