Tuesday, 25 June 2013

3 Month Goals

Right...... I have been granted (somehow due a miraculous demonstration of belief by my employer) some much needed time off work!! That's right... I have a ticket to do whatever I want and guess what two weeks have already flown by with minimal achievement so I have decided to set some short term goals to ensure I make the most of my new found freedom.

1)   Learn to Meditate - I have a very very busy brain - literally it doesn't shut up! I am both inspired and haunted by my thoughts! Worst of all when I try to think of nothing, that is when EVERYTHING attempts to invade. I have signed up to getsomeheadspace.com and have a beginners guide to meditate. I am ready to clear the clutter in my head. 

2) Learn Yoga - the hippy shit has never really interested me, but I am currently super aware of how calm and relaxed many of my yogi friends are. I want some of their Zen so I will try this to ease myself into tranquility

3) Loose the dimples in my thighs - I am secretly addicted to my boxing exercise class which I go to between 2 - 4 times a week. My upper body and arms are (excuse my arrogance) nicely toned, ass and thighs however- not so much. Therefore I will commit to daily leg exercises / moisturizing furiously into those areas to remove the evil bumps

4) Sell a piece of writing -
Seven years ago I graduated with a BA Hons Journalism degree and although I never followed that path I want to write. When I put pen to paper, or start tapping away on my keyboard I get lost in a world that is all mine and I find it so liberating.  I haven't sold any work for about six years so I'm going fire up the creative Jazz and attempt to sell a piece of work. What exactly I haven't decided yet....

5) Trip Overseas - Before I settled in New Zealand, I traveled through South East Asia alone. It was ok. I mean at the time it was AMAZING. However since then I have holidayed with friends and also boyfriends and it really is much better when you can share and relive that experience with someone else. I am aware though, that I need to get out of my comfort zone, dust off the backpack and venture off into the unknown and leave my poor boyfriend behind to worry. So despite my fear of being too old to go gallivanting alone, this week I will take the plunge and book a backpacking adventure.

6) Develop an Additional Income - So this goal has come from the too many self-help books I have read and a recent course I did regarding personal foundation. They state how important it is to find an income stream on top of your salary - that eventually requires little work, eventually helping you towards financial freedom. I am working towards achieving an additional $150 per week. Hopefully it could potentially tie in nicely with goal number 4.

So there they are - six fairly large (well I think so) goals that I hope to achieve by September. I might need some help and inspiration for some of these, but I am generally a pretty positive person and as Walt Disney once famously said  "If you can dream it, you can do it". 

Watch this space........... xxx

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