Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Travel Bug

The term travel bug is so relevant to me. For me it really is a bug - and travel itself acts as the curing drug . If I go too long without travel or some form of adventure and discovery I start to feel sick. Its not a sickness where I am in bed all day, coughing with a high temperature. The best way I can describe it is like being homesick or lovesick, that desperate longing and nostalgic feeling for something that is almost impossible to shake. Once I start thinking about it the feeling increases and there is only one way to satisfy that desire which is to actually do something about it. Luckily for me it doesn't always have to be an adventure overseas, yesterday I hiked a new track that provided me with different surroundings and a brand new view of Arrowtown that I hadn't seen before. I was deliciously ignorant to the world below and savored the walk. However I am aware that these small adventures always stand to bridge the gap between now and my next overseas discovery.

I have only just come back from 3 weeks in Indonesia, which means my goal to have a trip overseas is complete as well as being a thorough success. Not only did I push myself out of my comfort zone, I experienced a new culture and had an absolute blast.
I get tremendous joy just from settling into my designated seat on the aeroplane waiting for take off. I’m nervous because I have a slight fear of flying but excited because I know that whatever happens from this moment on is a brand new adventure, a break from the norm, something that will further enrich my life in one way or another! I wait patiently looking forward to whatever they attempt to serve us for food. I couldn't believe it when on my first flight en-route to Bali the couple sat next to me straight out turned down the offer of a free meal - they didn't even ask what it was. I was gobsmacked. Now I know there are many different opinions on plane food but I have never experienced or even heard of people flat out not accepting a free meal. I on the other hand was super grateful for my semi-hard pumpkin ravioli, yellowish peas and singular piece of broccoli . The food was pretty standard on that flight and my dessert was one lonely lindt ball – simple but delicious, unfortunately for me the ball rolled under my seat and I spent the next hour digging under my seat, whilst attempting to not fling my tray and the empty food containers everywhere. It was by far the most exciting thing on my tray after a few strange looks from the lady next to me I gave up and accepted the loss of my delicious ball of chocolate goodness. Instead I lie back and start to think.

As I attempt to analyze why I find travel so liberating I realize it's because getting lost really is the best way to find yourself. I was a little lost at home with a foggy brain full with thoughts and unanswered questions, once I am alone in a foreign country there is only me and my thoughts become so simple. My brain and I only concern ourselves with things that make us feel good and we choose to simply avoid or leave anything that doesn’t serve us because its easy and we can and if anyone has a problem with it no-one actually knows who we are or where we're going. We decide exactly where, when and what we want to eat without consulting others. We sleep when tired, walk when we want to walk, swim when we want to swim, leave our current residence and venture off to a new destination when we feel ready. Travel is freedom its one of the only things that really makes our lives richer.

Considering I have a job and responsibilities, as well as Phil waiting at home, the world selfish crosses my mind a lot. But on this journey I have decided selfish is not an ugly word. In the right context it doesn't necessarily indicate being self-centered and ignorant or caring any less for the people around you. For me being selfish in this situation means I am starting to care about my needs and putting them at the front of my priority list, where money and my career used to be. A dose of selfishness can do wonders for the soul. Don't get me wrong, bringing happiness and well-being to others is just as important, but it is truly rewarding when you spend time and energy on yourself for what eventually makes you a better person. I believe people are responsible for shaping their own futures therefore it is important to pay special attention to your own desires or agenda - and act on them!

On this trip I wish I was being selfish in style because there are no TV's on this flight, my seat is particularly small, there is only one set of toilets at the back and a very large queue forming half way up the plane and I already need to stretch my legs - I bet business class doesn't suffer like this. I stand up stretch as much as I can and decide to sleep the rest of the journey and consider what self indulgent activities I will experience whilst I am on holiday.

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